Personal Money Management & Financial Guidance

Our focus is making sure you know where every penny is going and then using that information to customize a plan to help you meet your financial goals. You can choose services à la carte to suit your personal situation or a package of services including tracking your spending, managing bill pay, managing your credit and debt, managing insurance coverage or all of the above and more. If you aren’t sure what you need, a thorough consultation will help you find the services that are right for you

Month/Year End Close Assistance

Accounting needs are ever-changing and can be especially challenging when a company is experiencing growing pains. When your business needs outgrow the processes and procedures established in your accounting department but you still need monthly financial statements prepared accurately and timely, we can get you on the right track with implementation of an effective close process to keep you moving in the right direction or handling your outsourced month/year end close needs

Interim Accounting Management

Businesses don’t stay small forever and if yours is in fast growth mode and your accounting department isn’t keeping up, you won’t have the agility needed to take advantage of opportunities and that can cost you money. If your small business only needed a bookkeeper and your larger and growing business needs more accounting expertise and guidance from a degreed accountant but you don’t yet have the budget to hire one, let us help you take your accounting and your business to the bright future you’re aiming for

Bookkeeping & Cash Flow Management

Small business owners wear many hats to keep their enterprise successful and are always concerned with not only the money coming in but the timing of the money going out. It’s a necessary evil with small enterprises but if your specialty is natural hair products, why should you handle A/R, A/P, payroll, sales tax and/or payroll tax returns? Let us guide you in assessing and understanding your cash flow needs and formulate a cash flow plan to maximize cash, source additional funding as needed and ensure the money is not just there but there when you need it; focus on your core business and let us wear the accounting hat for you!